Mar 26, 2010

Girls or boys

Our guest blogger today is 10 year old Samyukta. She is answering the question, 'Who do you think is better, boys or girls and why?'

Here is her uncensored, unedited response

I always feel that of course girls are better than boys. Girls are threatened so much, especially in India, but still they don’t lose their confidence or strength. Suppose, girls do some mistake they are shouted and sometimes beated also. It’s like a crime. But if the boys do the same thing people say there is no problem.

I am really against the systems like the sati system in which the women have to burn themselves in the funeral pyres of their husband. If the woman don’t go, then the relatives push them inside the fire and they get burned. After marriage the bride has to leave her family and friends and go to a new place. I can imagine how painful it will be. But people think girls are not at all intelligent and strong.

I like girls because most girls are sweet, beautiful, kind and sensitive. They also have the power to protect themselves from the atyachar (threatening) of the boys. There is an upcoming word- balathkar (rape) which I don’t like at all. In earlier days, girls could not go to school and had to work all the day and housewives have to hear a lot from the saas (mother-in-law). From all these things I can conclude that the way to the girl’s success is full of sharp needles.

I will tell you a poem:

Girls, jab life ho out of control
To saas ke data ko rok ke bol
I am the best! 


  1. sekhar said...
    varsha panicker said...
    wow samu, that's calling a spade a spade! impresssssed!!
    gopakumar said...
    jazzy said...
    Hey small wonder Samuuuuuu !! !

    Ur post is really sweet, juvenile but ofcourse a sensible one....
    My neighbor’s daughter is of your age, nevertheless; I can bet that she can’t write like u.
    No wonder!!! Perhaps in your case this writing skill is a gift of inheritance …....

    M impressed.
    Keep writing dear !!!

    Love & Regards,
    Samyukta said...
    Sekhar Uncle and Gopu Chittappan

    Thanks for your one 'word'ers!

    Varsha Chechi and Jasmine Chechi

    Thanks for your encouragement

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